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Goodness me, it's brutally ugly to my eye!

Too much red!!!

It's bright. It's colorful. It might be okay with a coat of snow covering it. But it gives me the feeling of being austere and lacking warmth - despite the red which is supposed to be a warm color. Was this part of a program like our 1% for Art - any building/arena/etc. must spend 1% of its overall cost on art work. That has produced some incredible monstrosities - my favorite waste of money - a gigantic typewriter eraser! There are a lot of kids who have never seen one, never used one and are puzzled by what it is. At least it's not paved over with black asphalt.

...hhhmmm...In'm not sure either--LOL! What is the red enclosure made of, is it metal, plastic? I find it very garish and too confining, obstructive. Is this meant to be an artistic statement maybe...and I'm just not getting it? LOL! No, don't think I quite am warming up to this one... ;o)

I've looked at this two days in a row, thinking my opinion might alter...but, no. I honestly don't believe this serves its' purpose as a park and it has no appeal as an art installation, aside from the fact that it is a nice, clear red.
Nevertheless, thanks for sharing, I'm really enjoying Trondheim!

Hmmmm. Maybe it would be useful as a toddler park. The children can play behind those red walls and be relatively safe. Otherwise, it does not look very friendly. It needs plants and flowers and, of course, playground equipment!

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