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Why God?

Bilde_2 A young, beautiful woman - wife, daughter, sister, friend. Suddenly set aside. Cancer.

Beautiful to look at. Beautiful to be with. I will never forget the huge photo of your face in the newspaper when you were just a tiny little girl.

We are many surrounding you in prayers. A close circle of family, a wider circle of neighbours, colleagues and friends, more circles of people who know you, and even more circles of people who have heard about your struggles.

You are loved. Loved by your family. By your neighbours, colleagues and friends. Loved by people who know you. May the love carry you forward.

You are loved here and now by Our Holy Father. You are loved by Him in eternity.

God Bless You.


The first photo is the praying hands of St.Cutbert on Lindisfarne. The second is roses at our cabin last summer.


beautiful post...add my prayers too!

This very touching and I'm sending postitive thoughts!

Gorgeous rose photo!

From what I know of you, Britt-Arnhild, not only will this woman be surrounded by your prayers but also by your practical, loving arms as you are present with her in body as well as in soul and tend to her earthly as well as her spiritual needs. Friends like you will be her greatest strength.

Sincerest love, good wishes and thoughts for the young woman from me.

Beautiful prayer...My own prayers & well wishes added.

I will include your young friend in my prayers. I am so sorry this has happened to her. What a beautiful friend she has in you.

Please know that my prayers are added for your dear friend.

Oh Britt, It is the why God question that has found me having given up on him. So very sad.

A beautiful emotive verse and the photo's give an inner depth.

St Cuthbert was someone whose memory will live on - his devotion to the Christian Faith and also of nature - is Lindisfarne's calling.

What a beautiful post. You are a true loving friend. Add my prayers to those being given for your friend please.

Adding my prayers to your own and so many others. Such beautiful photos to focus your thoughts.

Oh my goodness. My heart sank...Prayers sent her way from me as well...You are such a wonderful woman. This is lovely of you, thank you and prayers a bundle to your friend...

My prayers I add with yours for your friend.

And my prayers are also joined with yours and others for your friend's health and well-being.

My prayers join the chorus pelting heaven. May your friend be healed and your souls united in peace.

I am StitchyWoman...all around sewer, embroiderer, fellow(wanna be) gardener...Lost my first brother, last July....in a minute he was gone...still can't believe it....heart be with you, totally understand 'Why God?' knowing there is SOME reason, but just don't get it.No warning, motorcycle, lost it on a curve, teaching his wife to drive it...He was behind her, arms around her, protected her, she...scraped and bruised, he... gone..............tears in my heart, love to you, Kat

I will keep your friend in my thoughts and prayers, and may she be supported knowing her friends are loving and caring for her.

That is a lovely sentiment, Britt.

We live in human form for such a very short time; our spirits, though, are forever. Your words are beautiful and touching; the young woman obviously someone much loved and special. May her reward be great in heaven as she rejoices in her new life!

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