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Caterina B

Yum. I am doing the same thing, Britt Arnhild. On Saturday I made for the first time French bread. It was so easy I said to my hubby, "Why haven't I done this before.?" It's because he usually makes the bread but on Saturday he was too busy getting a turkey "ready for the freezer." It weighed 19 pounds.

Fran H-B

Sounds delicious. I am planning to make lentil, bacon and tomato soup for coming weekend, the days suddenly much colder so it will be needed.

Kristi Jalics

Soup keeps coming into my mind too, these days as I notice how the sun is setting earlier. I imagine this is more dramatic in Norway. Soup is a wonderful comfort food, yes, and the fragrance makes a house feel like a cozy home! My mother used to have these soup meals when I was growing up, always with cottage cheese into which she had put finely cut chives earlier in the day, and crusty Kaiser rolls. Now it is making me nostalgic for childhood, too!


Thank you Catherina, Fran and Kristi for your comments.

I hope to be able to write more Blue Cafe posts.

Jane Hansjergen

Our weather here is so unpredictable. Eight days ago it was almost 100 degrees farenheit. For the last 2 days it has been in the 50s with cold winds and rain. We went suddenly from summer to Fall. I love Fall best of all the seasons because of the colors, the way the air smells, the golden glow of the sky's light, wearing sweaters, drinking tea and SOUPS!! 10 days ago Lanny made cold summer soup, gazpacho, using up a bucket of tomatoes from the garden. Today, I am making ribolitto, Tuscan bread/bean/vegetable soup. Heaven in a bowl for a cold, wet day! Your soup looks delicious!!
It was good to get your email today!


Mmmm - I'll bet that soup had the most wonderful aroma.
On my way down-Island this evening I stopped at a roadside market and bought three great squash, sweet potatoes and yams. My weekend plan involves soup, soup and more soup. Soup for supper and soup for the freezer, for supper on a night when I'm home late from work.

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