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Food travelling.

Laosbilder_032_1 All my thinking lately about food in connection with my food blogging, which easily can become a passion, sent my thoughts a couple of years back to two weeks I spent in Laos. I went there with Norwegian Church Aid, and among several travel guides I brought with me was Natacha Du Pont De Bie's "Ant Egg Soup - The Adventures of a Food Tourist in Laos"Laosbilder_043

When I travelled it was not as a traditional tourist, but as a visitor or guest of the people of Laos. We spent most of our time out in the countryside, and we ate lunch and dinners with the locals. The food was from their own land or bought at local markets. And good for us, most of the time we didn't exactly know what we were eating.


NatLaosbilder_070acha Du Pont De Bie writes about a most delicious ant egg soup in her book. We never got to try that spesific soup, but among my favories were roasted or fried bugs. I have travelled globally before and been afraid of eating unknown things, so this time I was determined to give everything a try. And believe me, the bugs was eatable, and the bamboo worms (in the first photo) were quite good :-). And our hosts could tell from my face that I liked it, which made them serve it, a delicatessen for them, again and again - almost to the desperation of the other members in my travelling group.

Laosbilder_073 I will probably never go back to Laos, though who knows? But I will bring with me strong memories of the people I met for the rest of my life. And good memories of the food I ate.


I was really hoping you were eatting french fries in the first photo. You are very brave. I don't think I would have tried any of the bugs. I probably would have turned vegetarian on that trip, LOL!

I've tried a number of unusual foods over time, but not bamboo worms. I don't think I could have gagged them down. You are very adventurous and I admire that. I suppose given the right time and the right set of circumstances we would all come to eat whatever was available - but I'd have to be starving to eat bamboo worms. They didn't look like french fries to me! The bugs - I've had chocolate covered bugs and they were good.

What a fabulous post and yay for eating bugs and worms. Why not?!

I would very well do with the time shared with Laos people but I'd rather leave all the bugs to you ! (aren't I lovely!?)

Oh my goodness Britt!!
What a brave woman you are..
I love to eat, but I don't think I could have been as adventurous as you..!

I would have had myself a pocketful of cheese crackers or something. Thanks for the heads up on Laos!

Is that coca cola on the table? My son says anything swallowed whole is easier with coco cola!
Even though I am a vegetarian, I couldn't do it either way!!!

You are soo brave - bugs, no way!

Ooooo, very interesting. When I was a child, we used to go to this very fancy mexican place (restaurant) in Mexico and we would have this very dark crispy shredded looking type thing. It was called "mochomos" you would eat them doused in lemon salt and salsa. They were delicious. I was told they were giant fried ants. I felt very brave. Later I found out it was just ultra crispy fried beef. I was so devastated. No ants??? I am one who tries almost anything, although I have gotten quite sick from raw quail eggs and tongue sandwiches.

Blessings to you my sweet friend.
L:ove Jeanne ^j^

Britt, thank you for visiting my newborn blog and for your encouraging words. I do appreciate it. I have enjoyed reading about you and your travels...thank you for sharing such interesting stories from your life. I will visit often. Thank you again.

I think you are very adventurous, I like to try new food but I am not sure I would have eaten the bugs!

You are very adventurous!! It sounds like a fun trip and you look so happy in the pictures!

Wow! What a feast they put out for you. Looks entirely natural, no processed foods (other than the soda); probably much healthier than many of our diets where our food is several steps removed from its natural state. Food preference is cultural and it looks like you took full advantage of immersing yourself in the Laotian culture. Love those smiles on your face!

Now that is weird! Good thing I tagged you!
Check my blog for the meme (can't get a link to work)

What a wonderful adventure! Thanks for sharing it with us.

You are a braver woman than I will ever be to be eating bugs. No thanks.

Oh please! {{{NOT}}} for me! I prefer to photograph bugs. :( NG

I've been to Thailand and loved it. Now I want to visit Cambodia, Laos and as many other places in that region as I can. I love that culture-such a shock and pleasure to Western eyes.

*shivers* My Britt are you brave!*EEK* I can't believe that you really ate those worms and bugs. I could never do this *yuk*

I think it takes an adventerous spirit and a highly evolved person to eat bugs and worms- I wish I could but don't think I'll ever make it that far -unless perhaps it is a life or death situation.

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